Queer Your Witchcraft

Magic for all! Coming 2020.

Bringing knowledge and community to our pagan family.

Elemental Magic Shouldn’t be Binary

Have you ever joined a coven and been met with terminology like “masculine” and “feminine” magic?

We’ve been there. We tried several traditional covens, even did our year and a day initiation. But there was always a problem. As queer, non-binary witches, we could never quite fit into the mold, so we decided to create a more inclusive space for those of us who break down boundaries.

Pagan Swag for your Weird Witchy Life!

Whether you’re decorating your home or yourself, you’ll find magic in every product.

No, really. REAL magic. Because we’re witches.

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Stand Out In a Crowd

Every piece we make is unique! Our boutique specializes in crafting beautiful and distinctive pieces that match your style.

Show Your Pride

Magical beings such as yourself should not be hiding in the shadows! Show your pride with our unique, pagan-inspired products.